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This is the warmest Thanksgiving in Chicago in 7 years

by: Tom Skilling, WGN-TV Weather Team

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A mild, often cloudy Thanksgiving Thursday was the warmest in 7 years (since 2015) with temperatures in the 50s, ranking among the 17% mildest Thanksgivings in the last 150 years

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Only 30 of the last 150 Thanksgivings in Chicago have recorded temperatures of 50 degrees or higher — that’s just 20% of them–or 2 out of 10 days of thanksgiving. We can clarify this further. If we focus on our forecast high of 53 for Chicago on Thursday, it will be a temperature that has matched or exceeded only 25 of the last 150 years –17% of them. That means “warm” Thursday in the top tier of Thanksgiving here. Average high temperature for Thanksgiving since 1872 43°. A review of the past 10 Thanksgivings in Chicago shows a wide range of temperatures. It hasn’t snowed on Thanksgiving for the past ten years.


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