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Trump apologizes to Melania and Hannity for ‘made up stories’ for supporting Oz

(A hill) — Former President Donald Trump apologized to his wife Melania Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday for reports of their reaction to his support for Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, calling the reports “made up stories.”

“I would like to apologize to Melania and Sean Hannity for all the fake news and made-up stories (made up out of thin air, without sources, despite what they claim to be!) that are being dumped on you by journalists and ” News”. The organizations that know these stories are not true,” Trump said on Truth Social.

“The fake news media is ‘crazy’ and completely out of control. I wish the public could understand how corrupt and abusive they really are. They make up stories and then shove them down your throat. Our country is in great trouble!” Trump added.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who has followed the former president closely for years, said Wednesday that Trump spent the day after the midterm elections “furious” after congressional Republicans failed to mount a “red wave” of major victories over democrats.

In Pennsylvania, With the support of Trump Oz lost one of the most closely watched battles of the cycle to Democratic candidate John Fetterman successfully flipping the seat is currently in the hands of the Republican Party.

“Trump is really angry this morning, especially about Mehmet Oz, and is blaming everyone who advised him to support Oz — including his wife, describing it as not the best decision, according to people close to him,” he said. Haberman. wrote on Twitter on Wednesday.

ABC News is also reported that Trump was mad at Hannity for pushing him to support Oz.

“It’s important to remember that Trump is a grown man who supported Oz despite the objections of some of those close to him,” Haberman said.

Some in Trump’s orbit are pushing him to postpone an expected announcement of his 2024 presidential plans next week, even though that would mean “admitting that he’s hurt” by the midterm results, Haberman noted.

CNN’s Jim Acosta, an unnamed Trump adviser, said it would be “too humiliating” to delay the announcement until after Tuesday’s appearance. shared on Twitteradding that the adviser said that “Trump is caustic” and “yelling at everybody” after his favorite candidates failed to pull off big wins on Tuesday.

Trump insisted on the GOP midterms were “a very big win” despite the fact that it is “somewhat disappointing”. The former president has repeatedly teased that he is making another bid for the White House an announcement is scheduled at his Mar-a-Lago resort next Tuesday.


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