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What are the chances of fentanyl in Halloween candy?

(KTAL/KMSS) — Every year, Halloween comes with warnings urging parents to check their candy collections for anything that could harm children. This year’s concern is that rainbow fentanyl will be passed on to unsuspecting hustlers.

Much national attention has been drawn to so-called rainbow fentanyl, which are brightly colored pills designed to mask their dangers. But doctors say, don’t worry.

Dr. Nicholas Gedders, Professor and Chair of the Department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Neurology at LSU Health Shreveport. He is also the executive director Louisiana Addiction Research Center.

Goeders said rainbow fentanyl isn’t even candy, although to some it looks like candy like SweetTarts and Skittles.

“It’s not actually fentanyl candy. It’s fentanyl that’s made in different colors to make it look like candy,” Gedders said.

There has been a lot of confusion surrounding iridescent fentanyl. The main thing is that it should be aimed at children. But according to Gedders, this is not true.

“I don’t believe they are targeting children. I think it’s an attempt by smugglers to get more product across the border, because if it looks like it’s something legitimate, it’s less likely to be seized,” Goeders said.

While rainbow fentanyl is unlikely to end up in the hands of young trick-or-treaters, Gedders urges parents and caregivers not to let their guards down when it comes to Halloween candy.

“Parents and caregivers should always ensure that their children’s Halloween candy is in its original packaging. That it hasn’t been opened and it doesn’t have a bunch of loose brownies or whatever they’re eating,” Gedders said.

Gedders says the iridescent fentanyl is easy to spot if you look closely at the candy. However, he says there is a way to check your kids’ candy if you suspect it’s been tainted.

“The Office for the fight against drugs has formed online brochureand it’s called “What Every Parent and Caregiver Needs to Know About Counterfeit Pills,” Gedders said.

Goeders also suggested that parents bring their children to local church events, such as a trunk or treat event. This way, you can have a clear awareness of where the candy actually comes from.


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