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‘White Lotus’ Season 2 Premiere Welcomes New Guests As Mystery Washes Ashore – Deadline

After more than a year White Lotus ended on HBOSeason 2 of the anthology series premiered on the cable network in a brand new setting. The location has been changed from Hawaii to Sicily, but the mystery that captivated viewers in the first season is back and darker than ever.

We are greeted by the beautiful coast of Sicily as Daphne (Megan Fahey) befriends two American tourists who begin their stay at The White Lotus. Daphne says she enjoyed her time there and takes a dip in the water before leaving. However, something in the water scares her off, and she swims back to shore as fast as she can.

Before long, guests at The White Lotus witness corpses washing ashore. Valentina (Sabrina Impaciatore), the hotel manager, has found out what is going on, but says that the water is not the property of the hotel, but something as big as this will not be able to hide so easily in the sea.

After the teaser, we fast forward to a week before the tragic events as the guests arrive on boats at the resort. In a callback to Season 1, we see the hotel staff waving to guests as they approach the docking station, a White Lotus tradition.

Guests arriving at White Lotus include Daphne and her husband Cameron (Thea James), who look very much in love, Harper (Aubrey Plaza), who doesn’t seem thrilled to be traveling with her husband Ethan (Will Sharp). Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) has also arrived, and along with her husband Greg (John Grice) are the only characters to carry over from season one.

“You guys just pulled out all the stops. You really do. Whenever I stay at White Lotus, I always have an unforgettable time,” says Tanya.

We also meet Mia (Beatrice Granno) and Lucia (Simone Tabasco), two local Italian women who watch the arrival of the American guests. When they try to pass as hotel guests, Valentina rushes to them to get them out of the resort.

Guests at the White Lotus include Dominic (Michael Imperioli), who is traveling with his son Albie (Adam DiMarco) and elderly father Bert (F. Murray Abraham).

Greg is not happy that Tanya brought her assistant Portia (Haley Lou Richardson) on the run and asks her to “get lost” but stay close in her room.

Harper is not happy about spending time with Daphne and Cameron and calls their relationship “fake” as they are too abusive even after five years of marriage.

It seems that Dominic calls his wife and things did not end well between them.

Portia is frustrated by Tanya telling her to stay in her room and soon befriends Albie by the pool.

Harper reveals that she’s an employment lawyer, and Cameron jumps in, saying his business deals with a lot of “bogus” claims, which creates tension between the pair. The couple have a hard time connecting with each other and end up talking about the type of television shows they like to watch. Harper and Cameron go back to their room to change into their bathing suits and he thanks her for coming on the trip with us and gets completely naked right in front of her to change into his panties.

Portia took a little dig at Albie’s Instagram account after Tanya told her to leave the dining room so her husband wouldn’t see her. Tanya tries to patch things up with Greg by offering him two macaroons that he thought she ate, but he doesn’t accept her offer.

Harper expressed her concern about Cameron stripping in front of her, but Ethan says it’s totally fine.

Mia and Lucia end up sneaking into White Lotus as “prostitutes” and end up knocking on Dominic’s hotel room door. Inside, Mia tells Dominic that she never got to see him in person. The episode ends with the two making love.

White Lotus Season 2 continues Sunday nights at 9pm ET on HBO and HBO Max.


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