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Elisabeth Moss recalls ‘Mad Men’ scene where Jon Hamm made her cry ‘Real tears’ – Deadline

Elizabeth Moss looks back at one of the Crazy people the scenes she remembers the most. The Emmy Award-winning star bonded with her co-stars John Ham over the years and remembered the scene where Peggy tells Don she’s leaving the agency.

“It all felt very real. I have a very close relationship with John,” Moss told Vanity Fair. “There was a relationship like mentor and protégé, very big brother, little sister. And so it meant something to both of us when we did that scene.”

The scene is from Season 5 and originally aired in 2012 AMC. Moss and Hamm seemed to be so emotional filming that they improvised a touching moment that has now become part of the show’s history. In the scene, Hamm’s character kisses Moss’ character on her hand as they say goodbye.

AMC / Courtesy of the Everett Collection

“These are real, these are real, these are real tears, which you know, it’s really hard to tell you, but often we pretend,” Moss noted. “He held my hand and wouldn’t let go, and then he kissed it. None of this was scripted and he did it on my close-up. This is the real John, the veins in his head, I can see him at this moment.’

Moss also mentioned that she kept the costume she used in the scene as a memento from the show and chose it because of what it meant to her.


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