Great white sharks migrate up the east coast to Florida

A 13-foot, 4-inch great white shark has been tracked off Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and scientists expect countless others to join it in the coming weeks.

1308-kilogram predator broke to the surface on October 29. long enough for a tag on its dorsal fin to send a signal from a satellite, researchers at OCEARCH report.

In two days, on Halloween, 9ft 9in excellent white Pinged 125 miles north, off Carolina Beach, North Carolina, OCEARCH reported.

The two are among thousands of great white sharks heading south for the winter, a process that turns the East Coast into one big shark interstate in the fall, experts say.

It started after autumnal equinox in September, when tagged sharks began to leave Newfoundland waters and appear along New England.

“Factors such as changing seasons and slight changes in water temperature help these animals move,” OCEARCH reported in early October.

“We will probably see more of our sharks moving south later this month and into November.”

Tags applied by OCEARCH have provided new insight into a once-mysterious migration, revealing when sharks begin to leave the northwest Atlantic and where they go. Among the discoveries are also travels west to the mouth of the Mississippi River, This is reported by McClatchy News.

“White sharks demonstrate strong loyalty to the sitewith individuals returning to the same location over several years, suggesting that these animals use sophisticated navigational cues to migrate thousands of miles each year,” the OCEARCH-supported researchers reported in September.

It is believed to be a great white shark mat off the Outer Banks of North Carolina as predators return to the northwest Atlantic in the spring.

OCEARCH is still collecting data to confirm this theory. Still, it could explain why mature females often head for deeper waters in the Mid-Atlantic after congregating off North Carolina, experts say.

It is believed that they are pregnant and trying to avoid aggressive males during pregnancy, according to OCEARCH.

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