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A trial has begun in the stabbing of a Round Lake Beach woman

A Round Lake Beach woman fatally wounded in a stabbing was screaming for her father moments before she collapsed and died, family members of the victim testified Tuesday at the trial of Alonzo Campos in Lake County.

Mariana Castro-Telez’s father and daughter were the first witnesses to testify in the trial of Campos, 23, of Round Lake Beach, who authorities say stabbed Telles-Castro, 48, at the family’s home and May 17, 2019. , in a dispute over a pawned game console.

The victim’s daughter, Jessica Reyes, 17, told jurors that her mother had spent the previous night packing a bag for a church retreat she planned to attend. But at about 4:30 a.m., Reyes told jurors, she heard her mother screaming, and as Reyes was leaving her bedroom, she saw her injured mother walk into Castro-Tellez’s parents’ bedroom and yell, “Daddy! Dad!” before falling to the floor.

Reyes testified that Campos had been to the family home before and that the alleged killer was an acquaintance of her brother. At the time of the murder, the brother was behind bars for about a month.

Authorities said Campos went into the home that day trying to fix a problem over a pawned PlayStation 4 and apparently confronted Telles-Castro before shooting her with a BB gun and then stabbing her with a kitchen knife.

The knife was found on the lawn down the street and both the victim’s daughter and father identified it as belonging to the family. Police arrested Campos after seeing him on surveillance video.

Neither the victim’s daughter nor father saw Campos in the home when the stabbing occurred, they testified.

Reyes said her mother was a hard-working cleaner who got up early every day.

“She just worked all the time,” Reyes said. “She just wanted to make sure my brother and I had a roof over our heads.”

The case is expected to go to a jury this week.


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