Tom Hanks takes on new role at Pixar, reprises David C. Pumpkins – Deadline

It became a Saturday Night Live the tradition of the 10-time host Tom Hanks to appear in episodes of the Halloween sketch comedy. He did it again this year as his popular character David S. Pumpkin (you can watch a video of the prison ride sketch with Pumpkin below).

Hanks also made a cameo at the end of a skit at an AA meeting. During the meeting, a member of the group Jesse, who played SNL host and musical guest Jack Harlow takes his turn to offer “the perfect idea for a Pixar movie” about “lost luggage trying to find its way home.”

Jesse even brought along concept art for the main characters, a normal, everyday suitcase, a briefcase that’s a bit edgy (to be played by Jason Bateman), and a duffel bag called Jim.

The group begins brainstorming ideas for other characters, including a minion-type neck pillow and Pierre’s chic French bag, as well as story lines. They even came up with a song because “all these movies have a loud song they sing at the Oscars.” Her main refrain is, “You have to wrap yourself in love.”

The moderator of the group, played by Bowen Ian, then asks, “Who’s going to play the part of our main suitcase, our everyman, our Woody?”

Enter Hanks, who plays Woody in the Pixar blockbuster Toy Story animated franchise. He says, peering in the door, “Is this AA? I’m Tom H. I’m here to research a role, and I might be an alcoholic.’

Jesse then asks him, “If you were a suitcase, what would your catchphrase be?”

Hanks complies and is hired. You can see his catchphrase and the rest of the sketch above.


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